What is Network Model, Advantages and Disadvantages of Network Model

Network Model: The Network Model replaces the hierarchical tree with graph thus allowing more general connection with the nodes. The more difference between this model to hierarchical model is in case of handling N :N relation . in other words it allows to have more than 1 parent.

Advantages and disadvantages of Network Model :
Conceptual Simplicity: just like hierarchical model it also simple and easy to implement.
Capability to handle more relationship types: the network model can handle one to one1:1 and many to many N: N relationship.
Ease to access data: the data access is easier than the hierarchical model.
Data Integrity: Since it is based on the parent child relationship, there is always a link between the parent segment and the child segment under it.
Data Independence: The network model is better than hierarchical model in case of data independence.

Disadvantages of Network Model:
System Complexity: All the records have to maintain using pointers thus the database structure becomes more complex.
Operational Anomalies: As discussed earlier in network model large number of pointers is required so insertion, deletion and updating more complex.
Absence of structural Independence: there is lack of structural independence because when we change the structure then it becomes compulsory to change the application too.

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